What is the best wa...

What is the best way to release the 3rd book in a series?  


Y Stokes
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07/09/2017 5:18 pm  

I've finally finished the 3rd book in my Untold Series.  What is the best way to release it?  Should I continue to focus on book 1, and rely on "read through"?  Or should I be promoting book 3 and hope the reader is inspired to go back to book 1?  Thanks for your help.


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Sam Hunter
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07/09/2017 5:29 pm  

A lot of authors promote their most recent release by 'putting it out there' as much as they can. Then they double down by making the first book free or heavily discounted. This combines getting your existing readers to get the latest book in the series with bringing on board new readers who you'll earn from later down the line.

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