Role of Urban Ficti...

Role of Urban Fiction authors in reaction to politics  


Sam Hunter
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30/01/2017 4:49 pm  

Let me first say that 'politics' is too weak a word for what I'm talking about. For some people this is actually life or death.

I'm interested to hear from urban fiction authors about what they think their responsibilities are to react, highlight, or challenge what is going on in politics. Whether it's the police racism and brutality that let to #BlackLivesMatter, or what is currently going on with the Trump administration, or anything else that's going on.

Me personally, I try to weave this stuff into my stories and provide a human perspective. Allowing people to relate to situations and characters that they might not normally be able to in real life. I hope that helps some people breakdown barriers and improve things day to day.

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31/01/2017 7:17 pm  

As an Educator, I have to be careful of my input. But as an author, I believe it is paramount to include the thoughts and emotions behind modern day events, movements, and politics.  It is part of making your fiction a reality or the truth within the lie, so to speak.