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20/12/2016 8:10 am  

It's a gift and a curse having a mind driven countless to pondering on a variety of subjects and topics. Your brain pounces around over and under, left to right, up and then down almost similar to a pinball machine played competitively in a arcade. Only the trips tapped to ball for its mobility in speedy circulation all over are your freedom thoughts and the ball portrays your mind mechanism that calls for the thought just as it's summon up there deep within skull country. This natural expression giving for me as a writer and I'm sure I'm not alone dabbles between negative and positive on a twenty-four hour basis without fail. Rested or tired. I find myself exhausting in thinking from the time I awake and shut my eyes. Not about writing but all types of things whether a serious issue that just taken place I'm at the time aware of or something just as contrast in minor such as a task I forgot to do. Overthinking plagues me and it can be burden particularly when I want sleep hovering over me like a annoying mosquito in the summer season. But one thing I can depend on that's a plus and a for sure that no matter how irritant it can be. I could never give up my overthinking is its power and influence on my creative handling when writing. With Batman he had his gadgets, Luke Cage is built solid, and for me I had my imagination resulting from my overthinking when writing. If I can only find a way into controlling it.

How about yourself ? Express ?





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11/01/2017 5:37 pm  

I tend to overthink on things. My grandmother use to tell me, "Stop thinking so hard on a simple thought. You are gonna miss out on a simple solution ." 

What the heck did that old lady mean? Now, I get it, It all makes sense. I wish all those nights that I missed out on good sleep, those panic attacks, and trips to ER for Anxiety. I would of remembered Granny sweet words.  Anytime, that I over think things I take out my handy dandy notebook. Ill write it down even if its 3 words. Then I take my knitting out and I relax and pray on it. I'm not a writer, but Lord, I love to write. (if that makes sense)

That damn overthinking ruins so much in a person mind, body, and soul. 

Great topic!


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11/01/2017 5:51 pm  

I feel the restlessness from an active mind/imagination. Often frustrated when things don't go as quick with other people to keep up with my pace. But when my son came along I had to work on just going with the flow. Stuff will be missed, forgotten, or passed over, but he's number one.

BellaJae, you might not think you're a "writer" but your last comment told a story. Sometimes it's about finding your voice, the type of writing that comes naturally to you when you're not trying to be a "writer".

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