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Ebooks vs Physical Books - which is better and why?  


Sam Hunter
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06/04/2017 1:11 pm  

Starting this thread because this debate has been going on a long time (10 years at least), including starting in another thread. So this is the place to nail this debate. Can it be nailed? Who knows. Let's give it a shot.

Ebooks have brought an ease and financial viability to independent/self-publishing that wasn't there before with physical books (although print on demand is catching up). And so can ebooks be lauded for how they have broken the publishing market open? Or have they had the effect of diluting the quality of publishing that wasn't/isn't there with physical books?

Physical books? A status symbol because of the perceived lower quality of indie ebook published authors? I heard that it's worth getting your ebook in print because when people see a physical book is available too they will place more stock in the quality of it.

A lot of people simply like the feel of a physical book. I can relate to that. But I also like ebooks - so long as they are well written, and the quality of the ebook construction is good. Don't underestimate that. I've seen way too many where the formatting and typesetting is just plain awful.

All things being equal in the quality of writing, formatting, etc then I'd take an ebook. It's lighter, I can download one pretty much anywhere, and I can read it in the dark!

What's your thoughts?

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Angela Swagg
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22/04/2017 1:00 pm  

I like a little of both. The feel of a physical book can't compare to holding your tablet or phone. But the convenience of an ebook is important too. I think they both sooth the needs for people to use either one. It's kind of hard for me to say which is better.