Can someone please let me know what fanfiction is?  


Margaret Booe
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26/11/2018 5:30 pm  

I really need to know what a fan fiction is. I have read and heard of the fan fiction so many times but I have not a single clue what a fan fiction really is. Also, I’m not if there any fan fiction writer or the work is simply carried out by professional ghost writer fanfiction. Can someone kindly let me learn about the fan fiction? I tried to study it on the internet but it was all too complicated. I have to write a report on the fanfiction, which is why it is important for me to learn about it. It will be so helpful if someone can help me out with it.

Paul John Adams
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06/12/2018 3:23 am  

By now, perhaps you've already gotten your answer. Anyway, fanfiction is fiction written by fans of a particular book or author, in which the new work is somehow derivative of the original. It may use some of the same characters in new situations. It may attempt to continue a narrative.

Many people have written their own Sherlock Holmes stories, for example, usually imitating Conan Doyle's style. 

One of my professors wrote a sequel to Huckleberry Finn.

50 Shades of Gray famously began as Twilight fanfiction.

In my opinion, the Aeneid is a kind of Homer fanfiction, so there are respected, classical examples out there, but of course it wasn't seen in the same way in the old days. American John Gardner is pretty much only know for his Grendel, a bit of Beowulf fanfiction, but again, he'd probably resent the label "fanfiction" and prefer to say he was reworking and reinterpreting a classic. That is, if he were alive to have an opinion on the matter.