2017 READERS CHOICE AWARDS nominee "WHAT I'D DO FOR LOVE" for "Best Thriller"  


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20/11/2017 10:16 pm  

Hi All! My book "WHAT I'D DO FOR LOVE" was just nominated for "BEST THRILLER" in the 2017 Readers Choice Awards! PLEASE vote for it & share if you can.

Voting is open until DEC 10th! I am under the "Thriller" category on page 9 near the bottom of the page because it is in alphabetical order.

Readers Choice Awards full

It is my first award nomination and therefore, it would be my first award win!

Thank you in advance for your support! www.tckpublishing.com/readers-choice-voting

Here is more about my book if you're not familiar with me or my work:

WHAT I'D DO FOR LOVE is available in ebook, paperback and audiobook. Here is a description of the book and the many ways you can find it below.

Description: A woman scorned is a dangerous woman. Greer Patterson always felt like an outsider. Loathed by her step mother and half siblings for being the green eyed, fair skinned product of her black father's affair with a white woman; she's never truly felt loved by anyone except her father and husband Michael.
When Greer's life as she knows it comes crashing down after discovering her husband's torrid affair, she decides to take matters into her own bloody hands. Soon, after sending Michael to his untimely death and framing his mistress, she begins feeling something she's never felt before...powerful. Now, with a new found confidence and the freedom, if she can stay out of jail, she's determined to stop anything and anyone from standing in the way of true love again!

(Includes adult language, violence, and explicit sexual situations) 


ISBN-10: 1530942764

ISBN-13: 978-1530942763

KFJohnsonbooks website: http://www.kfjohnsonbooks.com

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/2dUwRmo

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2dgmNo0

Audible: http://adbl.co/2zgFSD8


Thank you in advance for your support!

K.F. Johnson

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Sam Hunter: Father, husband, author. Always in that order. Writing books you can't put down. All my books are on Amazon Kindle and Google Play Books. You can find me on Twitter or email me

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Posted by: Sam Hunter


Thank you! Very much appreciated!