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15/10/2017 7:47 pm  

We're currently seeking authors from the urban fiction genre who wish to publish their work. We offer publication across all ePub platforms, Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, iTunes/iBooks, Barnes & Noble. We also offer print publication via Amazon.

As an Author with you can expect to retain the rights to your work, as well as creative control. Although you will receive the support of an Editor, Proofreader, Graphic Design Artist, and ebook creator. Support with webdesign, publicity, and reader engagement is also available. believes in collaborating with our Authors to bring their work to the highest level. We do this with integrity and place value on ensuring our Authors achieve their maximum potential.

Please email me your submission of at least the first three chapters. The sample chapters should be accompanied with a one page synopsis of the complete narrative and a brief profile of the author.

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