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[Closed] "What Do You Wanna Be ?" - JERMAR JEROME SMITH  


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Being a 5th grader isn’t too much fun to a ten year old like it should be for Rasheed. Everywhere he turns he feels life even at his age every move he makes takes him a step backwards rather forward even while his age gets older whether it be at school with his teacher, at home with his mother and father, or even outside with his friends. To Rasheed everyone is in one direction meanwhile he favors the other. It seems even in his indifference at ten everywhere he turns the question of who he wants to be seems to turn up more and more even though he’s still a child. Like at school today, while in class his teacher along with the class all read in history a book called "The Diary of Anne Frank". For a participation grade each student has to read a page once they’re turn is called on by they’re teacher. Every student follows and reads each page as told and is rewarded graciously. However when the teacher calls on Rasheed he doesn’t understand the story. But it isn’t because of the words, his trouble of reading in fact his reading was so superb his teacher gave him a "A" last week on the poem he did and researched about the connection between people and the sun. Rasheed’s problem with the story is the character and plot. Because the characters don’t look like him he gains notice. To him it doesn’t make sense to read a story on the subject in history and the characters and plot has no relation to him and a class filled with faces like his.He asks his teacher why, and she tells him that it doesn’t matter but the education does. Immediately he looses interest. Then asks his teacher resisting the urge to do as told. Giving the chance had she been been black would she too show a book of blacks being whipped from the back by a bunch of slave owners to a majority white class. After marking Rasheed for a unsatisfactory grade the teacher calls his mother, informs her, and asks "What does he wanna be in life". When he gets home his mother and father whoops his tail and then tells him that without a education he’ll never have a good job or be able to go to college.He tells them with tears in his eyes and pain on his behind from that belt. Courageously, well why would he go to college when he’s having a hard time in the grade he’s in now, not mention no characters in the book looks like him. Seeing that Rasheed hasn’t learn his lesson they tell him to go outside and write a report on what he sees. Then when he’s done summarize it and tell them "What does he wanna be in life ?He goes outside and sees his older friend and neighbor Rico slapping fives with all walks of life whether they be black or white. Poor or rich, even those in the middle but when he finishes there’s always a dead president in his hand that he kindly takes and collect with a fat bundle of bills gripped by a rubber band from his pocket. Rico sees him as he jumps down off the porch. Slaps a five with Rico and listens while he asks what he’s doing outside. He tells him that his teacher told his mother and father that he was trouble and it had gotten him a bad beating. When they saw it didn’t do any good they told him to go outside and tell them what he sees then write report about it. Rico after listening and gaining pity on the youngster then asks him.- Well tell me what you see shawty ?He asks real smoothly looking away from him and continuing his friendly hand exchanges.Instantly Rasheed calms himself down and turn his eyes over the gate to his yard as he stands behind while Rico is opposite of him and he looks out over into the street and views the sight as if its another world beyond his yard. Envisioning but in reality he sees and it takes him no time as to understanding when Rico goes for another question.- You done...you moving too slow slim. Tell me what you see ?- Three things !- Oh yea, what’s that ?- Poor, crime, and abuse...and from the looks it’s only us suffering from them.- How it make you feel ? - Bad ! - Bad out of sympathy or bad like you want to do something about it.- Bad like I want to do something about it. Bad like things shouldn’t be like this and why. And where you start at cleaning it up and stopping it from happening again and again. How can things be where I don’t  have to challenge my teacher because she’s teaching me about MY struggle and not someone else’s.He says.- You thinking to much, it’s good, but you too young, you not there yet. What you gotta do right now is figure out what can you do and like doing. Do it, then take all those these things that you feel ain’t right in our hood. The poverty, crime, and abuse by the police. Use that one thing you got and do all you can as to changing it. You hear me !- Yea but what if I’m not just good at one thing, maybe I have three or four things that I can do and probably do them better anyone else. Do I use all of them, or only one like a strategy. Do I start out with one then use the others after. Or all at once. - I don’t know... my point came from my belief where the creator put all of us here to do one thing. One gift we’re suppose to have to leave on the world. And it’s up to us to find it. You get what I’m saying.- Yea...it makes sense now. - So what you waiting for, What you gon do ? "WHAT YOU WANNA BE ?" - I don’t know yet ?- You don’t know.- No ! - You should be a lawyer.- A lawyer !- Yea...you argue points good enough to defend someone. That’s probably why that teacher called your mother and they saw that ass whooping wasn’t holding up, so they put you out here.Rico reaches in his pocket and kindly hands Rasheed a small white card. He reads it with the small black letters texted on the front arranging a name that he has no issue pronouncing as it sheers pass his tongue in complete cool.- George Sole ???He pronounces.- My attorney, you remind me of him a little bit. Tell him I said for you to call him and you tell him about what I told you today. Stay under him and who knows.Rico exits away from the gate after lending the card. Then slaps a five to the young man as he strolls off down the block. Leaving Rasheed enticed and a odd feeling in motivation as he stares down at the card and name. He glimpses one glance down the block at Rico as he moves in a rhythm to the area like as if owns it. He does for that moment to Rasheed, turning away and then back down at the card. Left from the conversation that only lasted just a few minutes, the everlasting quote of wisdom that stays with him that rewinds over in Rasheed’s thoughts in his repeated stance. There behind his yard gate having his neighborhood misery sing loud in choir to him, head down with his sights on that name printed in the darkest ink on that white card in both of his hands. The surrounding sound plagued in oppression steers young Rasheed’s focus on that card so much so, the essence of the outer world blues tunes much louder and more intense in his stare while the card begins to lose its blank white to a shade more tan to beige. The transition is age then the noise is gone, the yard beyond the gate and world had also vanished and now is left to only a room with the card still in between some  hands that are more broader than a ten year old.A knock on the door goes in beat and lunges eyes at the door where a man in a suit sporting a smile stating - Everything ok ?- Yea...everything alright George.- Good...recess ends in five. We gotta get going back over.- I’m on my way. He shuts the door behind him while the man inside turns his head back to the card for a slight second. When he’s done he pops open his briefcase at the table plants it inside and closes it back. Out he exits the room, shutting the door from behind him, as the door imprints a name while he heads in hurry on his merry way.


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changing our lives, one case at a time. - Rasheed Horn, attorney at law.


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The writing competition is now closed. As yours was the only entry, I'd like to make an offer to work with you to publish a book.

Hit me up with an email, outlining what ideas you have going on at the moment and we'll take it from there.

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