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Urban Christian Fiction  


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30/12/2016 4:09 pm  

Hello Everyone, 

I notice that most books that are labeled as "Urban Christian" sends no type of message.  I just feel like most of the time we never see a ending where the preacher was saved and repent of his sins. I just want to see a faithful preacher who has never cheated. 

Do any of you feel like maybe the book should not be labeled as "Urban Christian" if there is not a message to be made? Are we just using that label because we are speaking about a pastor?

Cant wait to hear your  thoughts. 🙂


FYI: I'm not speaking on all Urban Christian books, just most. 



Angela Swagg
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30/12/2016 5:01 pm  

Yes, I agree that there should be a message. I read a book that was Christian based by a local author here in my city. It's the first Christian based novel that I read and I really loved it. It showed that there is drama in the church and that there are holy rollers who act like their better than the next Christian. It also shows growth in a person coming from ratchet past into a blessed future. It's called Pressing Past The Past by Julee Jonez. You should check it out.

Sam Hunter
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10/09/2017 8:17 am  

I'm not into overt religious books, especially if they come across preachy. I'd rather read something that has a subtle religious undertone that leaves me thinking about religion without ever thinking the writer was trying to take me there. The best messages in books are the ones you think you've discovered all by yourself.

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