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What You Won't Do: A Stand-alone Novella  


Blaque Diamond
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06/11/2017 3:38 pm  


What You Won't Do: A Stand-alone Novella




What’s the golden rule when it comes to relationships? Never discuss your relationship with anyone. No exceptions! Whether things are going great, or not so great, keep things strictly between you and your mate. Trevor Matthews finds that out the hard way when what he thinks is an innocent conversation with his brother starts the downhill spiral of his marriage. What you say can come back to bite you when there are snakes lurking in the grass. No one is above stepping in to do what you won’t do if you give them the chance.

The twists and turns of this novella will have you second-guessing who you share your relationship woes with. You can’t trust everyone, and this story proves that point exactly. When it comes to love, or even lust, no one can be trusted. Zipped lips keeps things between two, not three, so if you know what’s best for your relationship, keep your business to yourself.