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Upgraded By a Street King: Camden's Story - Tyanna  


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Upgraded By a Street King: Camden's Story by Tyanna. Get it on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited now. Currently at #8 in both the urban, and romance charts. Released March 29, 2017.

For Camden Marie Ross, hell was on earth, and turmoil was all she knew. The only person she’s ever had in this world was her Grammy who’s untimely departure sends her whole world crashing down. In the midst of all her troubles, a hustler by the name of Waseem comes along and sweeps her off of her feet. Seeing she was broken, he teaches her how to love, supports her dreams, and embeds in her the ways of the streets. However, a string of unfortunate events rip Waseem and Camden apart, leaving her all alone yet again, but she’s no longer the broken woman she used to be. Join this queen on her quest to finding herself, and a love unforeseen, and see what it’s like to be upgraded by a street king.

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