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Seeking Reviews for Coppers & Shotters  


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04/04/2017 8:52 pm  

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Hi guys, 

I'm looking to send out copies of my crime fiction novel, Coppers & Shotters, in the coming week for release two weeks later, in exchange for honest reviews on amazon. If you're a fast reader and have the time to read it in time for the release, please PM me. Available in epub, mobi, pdf. Here's the blurb;

Coppers & Shotters is a fast paced thriller set amidst the pulsating menace of London’s backstreets and shadowy alleys. 

Stitch, a flint-hard shotter (crack dealer) is released after a five year stint in prison. With his lethal prowess with a sharp blade, he’s dead set on clawing back lost turf from a rival gang and regaining his chokehold on the crack game. 

Blocking his ascent is Detective Sergeant Vince Cooper, a crooked cop out to extort crack dealers. Facing a corruption probe, the noose is steadily tightening. But DS Cooper has resolved to do everything possible to keep his badge.

Caught in the middle is Tabs, a sultry drug mule. Her radiant beauty masks a predatory cunning. Her game plan spells doom for Stitch or DS Cooper. Or both.

A fearsome shotter, a crooked cop and a shrewd drug mule collide explosively in this electrifying yarn.

Tim Ranjac.

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If you're still looking for reviews, I'm available.