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Halo and Prosper: No Rules In Love by Goddess Love. Get your copy on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited now. Currently #10 in urban and #9 in Romance. Released March 30, 2017.

Halo Vanega is a beautiful, vibrant, twenty-three-year-old living in Florida with dreams of being successful and going far with her business management degree. But her happy dreams are turned into nightmares the moment she gets into a relationship with Mickey. Halo thought she was going to get love, but instead she got black eyes and visits to the hospital. She knows she deserves better, but the fear of leaving him always has her staying with hopes that he will change. Mickey treated her like his property and she couldn’t make a move without his permission. Halo is a prisoner in her own home and each day she thought of an escape plan. The last straw is when she is brutally beaten and left for dead. The person who found her, was the person she had always loved. Prosper.

Prosper Harrison used to move dope with Halo’s older brother before his sudden death. Prosper along with his other best friend, Fresh had the streets on lock until Prosper realized that being a businessman came with perks just like the drug game did. Prosper had always been overprotective of Halo since they were younger, but true feelings didn’t start to flourish until he realized the woman he wanted had always been her. He gives her that love that is only heard about on TV and in 90s R&B songs.

Once the two of them give being together and love a try, the haters come out by the dozens and one happens to be Halo’s ex that she thought she got away from for good. There’s no rules in love, but there is a lot of naysayers hating from the sideline.

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