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Every Bad Boy Needs A Rider - Kellz Kimberly  


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Every Bad Boy Needs A Rider by Kellz Kimberly. Get it on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited now. Currently #3 in urban and #3 in romance. Released March 31, 2017.

Every good girl loves a bad boy who can bring out the best in her, especially when she doesn't see it in herself.

Zion is the regular girl who never does anything besides what is expected of her. Plain Jane is what she sees herself as. Never one to party or do anything fun, she sticks to the things she knows; working at her father’s auto shop and attending school. A brief accident with her car throws her into a budding friendship with a bad boy who she has nothing in common with other than cars.

Growing up, Jasheem wasn't into the street life that consisted of selling drugs. He planned to walk the straight and narrow, but nothing really goes as planned. An unfortunate event leads him to turn his love for cars into an illegal six figure business. With a girl at home whom he doesn't love, Jasheem realizes he wants something more out of a relationship. Once he lays eyes on Zion, he deems her as the perfect candidate.

The innocence Jasheem sees within Zion is what attracts him to her, but her knowledge and love for cars is what gave him the push to pursue her. Living in two different worlds, Zion and Jasheem both find something in each other they never saw in anyone else. Will these two be able to turn their love for cars into a loving relationship? Or will an untold truth tear these two apart?

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