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Brokenhearted Girl 4: When Your Heart Hurts - Diamond Johnson  


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Brokenhearted Girl 4: When Your Heart Hurts by Diamond Johnson. Get it on Amazon now and Kindle Unlimited. Currently #1 in the urban, and romance charts. Released March 29,2017.

This is it. One last ride with the characters from the Brokenhearted Girl series. In part three, we ended with Treasure giving Malakai a questioning look because of the fake news that was just brought to the table. The big question is whether Treasure believed it.

In this last installment, that questioning look is minor compared to everything else that happens. We learned in book one the meaning behind Sticks name. He’s now trying to be that loving father and faithful man, but he must first drop a few bodies in order to make that happen.

Treasure and Malakai are Miami’s “it” couple, but will they be able to make it, especially with the number of people that just do not want to see them together?

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