BEHIND CLOSED DOORS- Romantic Suspense  


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Prepare to submerge yourself in this spicy and entertaining offering by new author K F Johnson as Behind Closed Doors takes you on a roller coaster of deceit! 

Siblings Brenda and Brian Andrews seem to have it all. Good looks, money and charm go a long way among the abundant singles scene in Atlanta and these siblings have a track record to be reckoned with. Unfortunately for them, all pawns in their single life games don’t take being manipulated lying down.

When their abusive, alcoholic and philandering father drowns in the pool at their parent’s home, the doorway to hidden family secrets is suddenly slung open, forcing them to face some truths of their own…and pay the consequences. 

Crawl inside the heads of these unscrupulous siblings as they take you on a sexy, maniacal and entertaining journey inside the relationships of two siblings who think they know everything but discover everything isn’t what it seems Behind Closed Doors!
(Contains strong language and sexual situations)

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