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Angela cover

Angela is the new release from Robert Booker, Sr. I recently reviewed his book Tales From The Yard, so it's great to see another title so soon from the incarcerated author. At the time of writing, Angela is also free on Amazon Kindle.

Robert Booker was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, but has spent nearly twenty-five years in federal prison. While behind bars, Booker began writing fiction novels about the life he knew on the streets and the life he’d come to know while incarcerated. With only a pencil and paper at his disposal, he has been creating sexy, gritty stories that are as real as it gets, using his experiences to ignite his imagination. His novels are page turners, leaving his readers only wanting more.

Angela wasn’t just any girl from the Eastside of Detroit. She was special. Raised by a single mom with a firm hand, she grew up believing in herself and a future as bright as her mother’s love.

It wasn’t until she went off to college to study law that she found herself alone for the first time in her life, and she felt firsthand the pain that her mother had always protected her from. Faced with heartache she never saw coming, Angela turned to a life of partying she’d never been a part of.

She managed to keep it from her mother, even though her life was spiraling out of control. It wasn't until she lost the woman who'd always been her anchor that she decided to do whatever it took to support herself and her unborn child. She didn't realize she'd hit rock bottom though, until she crossed paths with her high school sweetheart as she was coming from a crack house.

Could Vance help save her from herself? It wasn't just about her anymore, and the stakes were higher than ever. What would it take to get her life back in order? How would the people who once knew her as 'the crack whore' see her, and could she ever face Vance with her head held high? Only Angela knows just how hard she's willing to fight and what she's willing to do to take her life back.

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