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All Eyes on the Crown: Rise of a New Connect - Tina J  


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All Eyes on the Crown: Rise of a New Connect by Tina J. Get it on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited now. Currently ranked #10 in urban and #9 in Romance. Released April 1, 2017.

If you loved Violet and the Connect then you'll enjoy reading the story about their kids.

MJ is the eldest son, who at a young age confided in his father about taking over his empire. Miguel Sr. takes him under his wing and shows him everything he needs to know. On his twenty first birthday MJ will be introduced to the world as the New Connect. Will it be a smooth transition or will jealousy and envy from within his team show it's ugly head and destroy his moment.

Alex decided living in his fathers' shadow isn't what he wanted to do. His focus is going to college, becoming an entrepreneur and owning tons of businesses. Unfortunately, something happens to someone close to him, which makes him take a step back and return home.

Joy is the golden child in her fathers eyes, however, she begs her mom to allow her to do something reckless that may cost her, her life. Enemies come out of nowhere, which makes the entire family go into beast mode. Find out what happens when people attempt to cross the Rodriquez family.

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