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Greetings all!

I'm Renee Townsend (AKA Author Reena Jacobs), owner of Backbone America.

From the day we pick up the pen and start writing, we're faced with challenges--finding the time, tuning out naysayers, drudging through edits, find an agent and/or publisher (if we go the traditional route), marketing, placating readers... the list goes on and on. When does it ever end? As long as you keep writing and publishing, it doesn't.

I coach writers through the challenges they have with simply being a writer and/or an author. I'm your cheerleaders, your accountability partner, your brainstormer, your supporter.

As a bonus, I come with a business background. I've noticed a trend with new writers and authors. That is, we often believe once we've written a book, we're done. We just need to get our book published and we'll have a wealth of readers buying our books. That's what I thought also.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Publishing (traditional and self-publishing) is tough. There's an entire business side to it that many writers and authors aren't aware of when they publish their first book. I coach writers and authors through the process.

  • I published my first book, what do I do now?
  • I'm burnt out from writing, how do I over come this?
  • I'm writing a book, how should I prepare for publication?
  • How do I know if my writing is any good?
  • I sent my pitch to 25 agents and got 5 rejections, the rest didn't answer. Now what?
  • No one is buying my books. How do I attract more interest?
  • I've requested reviews for my book, but I'm not getting any takers. How can I get more reviews?

If questions like the ones above or questions that bring self-doubt are going through your mind, reach out to me. Let's do a free consultation. We'll look at your vision for yourself, where you want to go, and talk about the next steps to get there.

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