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How to Market a Book?  


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27/01/2020 10:22 am  

With the rise of self-publishing, even more people these days are searching for information about how to market a book. On the one hand, the internet has created more book marketing opportunities. But on the other, it had ushered in a flood of new titles. The upshot is that promoting and selling books has never been easier but also never been more competitive. Many of the wisest authors employ a variety of techniques, each one carefully chosen to suit the book they're promoting.
Traditional publicity techniques also prove very useful in effective book marketing campaigns. For example, interviews on radio and television not only reach their audiences but can be promoted on social media with links. The same holds for articles in newspapers and magazines – or their connected websites – which can be excellent content for a book or author website.
Media coverage in the form of articles and interviews confers an endorsement of sorts on a book and author. Even though it is unspoken, the decision to include a book in coverages means it has been seen as newsworthy by editors and producers. People often look to media for ideas about what to read, and all of these can spark the book discovery process for interested readers.
Then, of course, there are a plethora of book marketing opportunities. Reputable bloggers have a significant following, and their posts can build reader interest. Online booksellers, with their millions of buyers, offer perhaps the greatest book promotion opportunities on the internet. Author profiles and information pages for books should be completed strategically with interesting content. It's also crucial to remember to include keywords that may help interested readers find out more when they search. In the end, the best answer for how to market a book lies in a skillful combination of tactics just right for the book and author.

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