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General help with social media  


Sam Hunter
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21/03/2017 1:46 pm  

Anyone have any tips for effectively using social media to boost sales?

I mainly use Twitter when it comes to social media. I find Facebook frustrating when it comes to personal profiles, pages, groups, etc. Although I recognise I really should get through this and grow my presence on Facebook. There's just something simple I like about Twitter. I'm also on Google+ but don't really touch this either. Goodreads is social media I guess and can help link together books you have published with your author profile. There's a few urban fiction groups too but most of them have gone stale, with little discussion going on.

Anyone find any worth in Pinterest, Snapchat, and the various other social places?

My strategy has been to have engaging interactions with others and not heavily promote my books. I think it's best when people see you posting interesting stuff, follow you because of that, and then indirectly find an interest in your books.

Supporting other urban fiction authors on social media is also a great thing to do to bring new people into your followers/friends etc.

What hashtags work well? I use #UrbanFiction #UrbanLit #StreetLit most of the time and they rank in that order for popularity. I see other people using #BlackBooks #BlackAuthor and #BlackLit

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