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Maria Hernandez
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Joined: 3 years ago
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20/01/2018 4:59 pm  

Hi Everyone!

I have a question?  Has anyone on this group had much success in participating and showcasing their work on author group from Facebook or other social media outlets?  I have participated in a few and noticed that there is no traffic on these pages except when an author showcases their books.  What are your thoughts on this?

Paul John Adams
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23/01/2018 8:21 am  

I've participated in an author group, but not to showcase work. The group doesn't allow promotion of members' work. They do some critical feedback on short passages on Saturdays. I like participating in some ways, but I'm not sure it's something an experienced author would find helpful. You might go there to be helpful to others. It's called "Fiction Writers & Editors":

Regarding promotion, one thing I recently participated in was doing a thirty minute interview with Joseph Carrabis on his site I found it fun, and my video will go public tomorrow, i.e. Wednesday. I don't know whether Joseph has been flooded with requests yet from other authors seeking to be interviewed, but I'd say you should try. Maria, maybe say Paul John Adams recommended that you sign up to get interviewed. He's got a form to submit info on his site:

If you do it, I hope it goes well. Cheers.