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N.L. Hudson
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06/12/2017 1:54 pm  

Good Morning!

My name is Natasha, but I go by the pseudonym N.L. Hudson. I'm a fairly new author that has penned a total of 6 titles. All of my books are fiction with a literary twist.

Currently, I'm published to Natavia Presents, which is a small publishing company with about 9 authors.

While I'm here, I hope to network with other authors and hopefully, more readers. I'm an introvert, and I want to get out of my shell. Therefore, it was a must that I join because this is forcing me to step outside of my comfort zone. 

Also, I'm a reader, so I hope to run across some great books!

*If anyone has a book that they would like me to review, I don't mind.






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Welcome aboard!

Sam Hunter: Father, husband, author. Always in that order. Writing books you can't put down. All my books are on Amazon Kindle and Google Play Books. You can find me on Twitter or email me

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Maria Hernandez


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