I finally Did It

I finally Did It  


Y Stokes
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07/02/2017 2:11 am  

Hi, my name is Yvette.  Twelve years ago I started writing a book, titled Patient.  It took a while to finish, but I did nothing with it.  That’s right.  I didn’t publish my work of art.  How sad. Then 2016 came.   I thought to myself; whatever happen to that book?  I feverishly searched my backup drive, half guessing that the file was long gone.  But guess what.  I found it.  I was shocked I still had the file.   I read through the book, made some corrections and published it on Amazon as a serial.  Then I waited.  It sold a few copies and got a few good reviews.  Wow, I said to myself; someone liked the story.  The writing bug had stung me.  Since then, I have gone on to create a series called the Untold.  To date, the series contains two books.  Book 1 titled - Bloodline: Samson and Delilah; and Book 2 titled – Bloodline: Mail Order Bride.  I’m currently writing the third book in the series.  Wish me luck!

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Sam Hunter
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07/02/2017 6:47 am  

Congrats on getting your work, your art, published. Feels great huh? They say everyone has one great book in them but the truth is most people never get it finished, let alone published. So good on you for sticking at it.

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04/03/2017 4:14 am  

Congratulations on establishing your series. Very cool take, bring bible stories to the modern era. 🙂

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