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09/01/2017 3:05 pm  

Hello Loves,

Just saying HI and send greetings and salutations from Baltimore, MD.


I write urban fiction under C-Love. 


If anyone is in the area or has any questions about the area for a future/current project let me know.  

I am a researcher, writer and hip hop lover.   Feel free to ask me anything.

Im also on Facebook (Courtney Wheeler) and IG (@clove410)

I have one self-published book and I am working on my second.  

Sam Hunter
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09/01/2017 4:26 pm  

Hi and welcome aboard! Just saw this tweet and it got me interested in your book since I'm currently reading Coldest Winter Ever.

Can I review your book - After The Reign? DM me on Twitter or email me to arrange.

I look forward to it!

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04/03/2017 4:29 am  

Congratulations on becoming an author and garnishing raving fans. 🙂 Your mention about being a researcher caught my eye. What's your speciality? Do you do research as a business?

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