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Tales From The Yard: Volume One  


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14/10/2017 11:43 am  

I've just been given the heads up about Tales From The Yard: Volume One going for free this weekend. Grab it quick.


Robert Booker knows how to weave sexy adventures that leave his readers wanting more. In Tales From the Yard he gives them what they want times three, with The Life of Darby Payne, McKean the Dream and Gamesmanship. 

The Life of Darby Payne is nothing short of a masterpiece about a man who gets dealt a life sentence when he won’t rat out his business associates. The feds can’t keep a good man down though, and after catching up with his guy, Vince, in the joint, the two men make the most out of a bad situation, finding ways to turn their time into money. Darby also finds out just how loyal his new girl, Lisa, can be when the feds try to get her to turn on him. 

McKean Federal Prison was once a prisoner’s dream, until snitching grew to an all time high. Inside its walls, you’ll meet Dwayne Copeland, who caught an eyeful, and used it to his advantage, putting the feds in his back pocket during one of the government’s weakest moments – A Government Shutdown. Come inside and let the games begin in McKean The Dream. 

Gamesmanship is a psychological adventure as Mack, not long out of prison, gets up close and personal with the mother of his good friend and boss, Dave. Diane intends to get everything she wants in life though, not just Mack. In Gamesmanship, Booker displays his mastery of revealing his characters’ dark side in the sexy, gritty way that only he can.

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