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Free on KindleGoogle Play Books, and free anywhere else you can find it. Currently a five star read with 75+ reviews on Google Play Books:

Cameron Hicks is a twenty-three year-old hustler. On the surface he has it all. Luxury house, fast car and only a few months left on probation. But what he’s got he fought hard to get and Tiana, his ex-girlfriend, is trying to take it away from him.

He wants out the game because his music career is about to take off and he can’t risk anything that would send him back to jail. Tiana has a hold over him. She knows it’s over between them but won’t move out. Now she’s pushing Cameron into doing one last job so she can get a cut and leave.

The only thing is he won’t do it. He can’t take the risk.

Cameron sets his sights on a girl he meets in a bar and things heat up when she turns out to be Tiana’s younger sister Laila. She’s come down to Miami from New Orleans because Tiana needs her help.

Cameron is in for a long hot summer. Is the only way out to take the job? And can he trust his crew if they know he wants out?



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