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What Does it Take to Find the Best Office Cleaning?  


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08/02/2020 12:25 pm  

Today expectations are higher for nearly everything, and clean offices are no exception. It means you need to be serious about the process of finding an excellent janitorial service. If you’re in New York City and looking for the most effective office cleaning NYC has available, interview many firms and have a checklist of services you need. When you approach the process seriously and talk to contractors like SanMar Building Services, you’ll quickly see there is a difference. Better cleaning companies use advances practices and products that allow them to do a much better job consistently.
Floorcare is often seen as the most significant element of office cleaning, and the way your janitorial service mops is crucial. If you see old fashioned string mops, you can be sure it could be done better. Newer flat mops with microfiber pads do an exponentially better job. It’s because they make more direct contact with the floor and get every speck of dirt. String mops are very irregular and leave behind more dirt and grime than they should. Better cleaning products on the floor cleaning solution also bring better results. They also no longer have the harsh odors left behind by earlier products.
As you are interviewing contractors, make sure your checklist includes disinfecting and sanitizing for restrooms and lunchrooms. Making sure your restrooms are pristine and clean has a significant bearing on people’s impressions about overall cleanliness. You want to be sure that counters, fixtures, dividers, and dispensers are cleaned thoroughly every day. It means a daily protocol Implemented by trained janitors who understand how to disinfect and sanitize a restroom. Also, proper cleaning means your restrooms will smell fresh and clean, which makes them much more pleasant to use.
Clients and guests visiting your office also will be favorably impressed if it is exceptionally clean. Therefore, reception areas and conference rooms need to be spotless – because they are focal points for outsiders who visit. Above-the-floor cleaning, often overlooked, can helps things look and feel cleaner. Tables and countertops need to be polished, everything must be frequently dusted, and upholstered surfaces need to be vacuumed to keep them dust-free. Any fingerprints or smudges on walls and furniture also must be cleaned. People will notice immediately and pay your compliments.
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