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New Forum Features - October 2017  


Sam Hunter
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24/10/2017 11:38 am  

I'm pleased to announce several new forum features for

Cross Posting

This is a new forum feature where featured articles published on the site will also appear in the forums. Comments on the article or in the forum against that article will appear in both places. This makes it easier for forum members to engage with site articles and for the contributors to get greater visibility of their articles in the forums. There's nothing for you do do other than engage and enjoy!

Increased Profile Information

The second update is a little more exciting for all users. It's an expansion of user profiles. Authors can now add links for where their books are on sale, and everyone can list all of their social media accounts. There's also new fields for things like 'favorite quote', and skills. Edit all of this in your account page.

Account Page

Increased Member Search Features

What's particularly great about the skills section is that it makes it possible to search for users based on their listed skills in the member search page. This should make networking and gaining support a lot easier.

Member Search

Private Messages

Don't forget, you can contact other members privately with a private message - a facility added a while back. Users get an email notification when they receive a private message so go right ahead and use it.

Recent Posts Page

Another great addition to the site is the recent posts page. This enables you to quickly catch up on what you missed since you last logged in. Recently, we added bold headings for topics you've yet to read but the recent posts page takes it to a new level.

Forum Search

And if that's not enough, you have the option to search the entire forum for a particular topic or post.

New forum features in the pipeline

We are working on the below features for the forums. Leave a comment if there is another feature you'd like us to take a look at:

  • Ability to follow other users
  • Realtime, on site, notifications for replies, likes, private messages, and posts from members you follow
  • Ability to sort topics into read/unread, and by date
  • Development of an Android/iphone app for the forum

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