Inconsistency Can Spoil Your Online Visibility, Is It True?  


Alan Stewart
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04/10/2018 9:05 pm  

Practically yes, it is possible because the digital landscape is fuming up with a lot of competition from rivals who are so strong. They all are coming up with new ideas and a concept and you must keep yourself consistent to keep on engaging your readers. This has made succeeding difficult for ghost blog writers. They have to strive to come up with new ideas and techniques to indulge their online customers or readers. Hence, I agree that inconsistency can negatively influence your online visibility. What do you say about it?

The Author Yani
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14/10/2018 4:56 am  

I definitely think inconsistency can spoil your online visibility. Whether you are in self-publishing, a youtuber, IG famous or blogger, if you don't stay consistent with what you are doing, if your personality becomes inconsistent, it could make people lose interest in you. An inconsistent blogger could lose readers because they never have new content. An inconsistent make up youtuber could lose subscribers or people who check their channel for new material if they don't have something fresh and attention grabbing. The same goes for a blog talk radio person or even a podcaster. Consistent, fresh material and having a consistent personality/on-line presence can literally make or break your visibility on-line. Great topic!