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Has Book Publicity Moved Online Completely?  


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08/02/2020 11:48 am  

Both publishing companies and self-published authors trying to promote their books have many questions about how to market a book these days. One of the biggest ones is whether or not traditional book publicity – radio, TV, newspapers, magazines – still had value in the internet age? The experts at Smith Publicity answer with a resounding yes. Also, because traditional media also operate high-traffic websites, any coverage they give a book or author appears online as well.
Coverage from media also confers an indirect endorsement on a book, because the decision to include it in a story implies it is interesting. When it comes to helping potentially interested readers discover a book, these interviews and articles can have significant value. They also identify an author as an expert speaker on a topic that gives support to future books and additional interviews. When this sort of powerful traditional publicity is combined with significant online coverage, it helps to sell books.
The rising importance of social media is also, ironically, another excellent reason to seek traditional media coverage. Links to interviews and articles added to an author's social media channels makes them more valuable and interesting to followers. The endorsement of being mentioned in articles and interviews impressed followers, making them more likely to become book buyers. Book and author websites also are enriched when links to media coverage are added.
Also, it's fair to say some elements of book publicity today exist only online. They would include pages on bookselling websites with information about books and authors. Because they are selling tools, it's essential to provide thorough and complete information. Interested readers may discover a book in this way – or perhaps be led to such a page after reading an article or watching an interview in the media. Competition today is fierce, and it takes a combination of methods to succeed. Visit us at https://www.smithpublicity.com/how-to-market-your-book/

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