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The Head That Wears The Crown – Review  


Sam Hunter
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14/10/2017 9:46 am  

The Head That Wears The CrownThe Head That Wears The Crown is the first book in what is currently a two part series from author D.D. Bridges. The end of this book clearly leads onto the second one as there appears to be much more story beyond these 125 pages.

The Head That Wears The Crown follows the journey of Darius. He's inherited a company and a mansion from a rich father he never knew. He becomes CEO of the company and then struggles to fend off a hostile and violent takeover attempt. He doesn’t know who he can trust and so he calls on the boys he grew up with back in the ‘hood. They come with their own problems, especially when Darius’ eye wanders to the girl of the local drug boss. Darius is caught between two worlds and two sets of problems he needs to resolve.

I liked that there was action and gun play, which kept the pace up. I would have loved to have seen some of this very early. It would've immediately hooked me into the plot and characters.

D.D. Bridges has spent time thinking up multiple characters and a variety of plot angles for The Head That Wears The Crown. This added depth and background to everything going on. It kept me guessing most of the time. Although, I was also left a little confused as to whether Ziegler was the director of the board of Darius’ company, and/or the CEO of a partner/competitor organization.

As Darius was the main character, I think I was supposed to like him and empathize with the difficulties he found himself in. I didn’t feel I was able to do this though. Darius may have come from the ‘hood but he was then handed everything a plate. He may have subsequently gone to college and studied so he was competent enough to take the reins as CEO, however, his competence was shown to be lacking as each situation presented itself.

For instance, anyone seemed to be able to just walk into the office of a Forbes 500 CEO and then take the business offline. Where was his physical security? What about his electronic security? Where was his business continuity planning? He was blackmailed into making someone CFO because he’d never ensured there was a plan in place should the business be hacked. It was hard for me to believe this guy could run a Forbes 500 company. It was even harder for me to root for a guy to retain his company when he’d not demonstrated that he really deserved it.

Darius was very controlling when it came to women, verging on downright abusive. He often referred to women as ‘his’ and told them what they could and couldn’t do, including who his mother was able to flirt with. And this was such a contradiction with the protection he supposedly was offering a friend from her abusive partner. To him, women were possessions and even his boys checked him on it in the end. Even then he seemed more concerned with the fact that they were telling him what to do rather than the other way around.

In the end, my favorite characters were the two women in his life, Jaunita and Natalie. They seemed the most genuine of all the characters and were both dealing very well with a difficult guy. I’d have liked to have seen more from them and the influence they could have had over his character development.

There were a number of errors, which stopped me being fully absorbed in the story. However, I was keen to know what happened next so kept diving back in.

The Head That Wears The Crown was an enjoyable book on the whole. I wanted more in some areas. I enjoyed the overall concept of the plot and some of the characters. This was why I rated it three stars. It was difficult to give it more because there were areas lacking finesse which were holding it back.


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