How can Wikipedia h...

How can Wikipedia help a business to generate leads?  


Dassy Lois
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08/05/2019 9:33 pm  

To succeed in the competitive world of businesses, organizations—small startups or renowned well-established companies, need to take advantage of new marketing trends and strategies to attract customers to the business. One of these marketing platforms is Wikipedia which has become a suitable marketing platform adding credibility to the business.

Wikipedia doesn’t just market the brand effectively, but it also provides authentic information to the audience which attracts their attention and converts them to regular customers of the business.

However, in order to create a Wiki page online, it is essential for the organization to have enough media coverage on authentic sites such as the journal or Forbes to be able to add that information as a fact on the page. What it means is that you must incorporate enough references as proof that the information you are providing through Wikipedia is true and can be trusted.

Wikipedia ranks as one of the top five websites according to Alexa and can help your business to build a reputation in the digital world. Having a Wikipedia page can also influence the decision of the client.

Do you think to have a Wikipedia page can help in generating leads?