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Ashes To Ashes Dust To Side Chicks – Review  


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Ashes To Ashes Dust To Side ChicksAshes To Ashes Dust To Side Chicks is the first book in what is currently a two part series from author N’Dia Rae. It was free at the time of purchase on Amazon, where it has 40 reviews averaging 4.6 out of 5 stars.

I picked up Ashes To Ashes Dust To Side Chicks on a whim while looking at the top 100 free Urban Fiction books on Amazon and finished within the week, probably taking about four hours to read. It didn’t exactly have me gripped enough to read in a single sitting but I did find myself trying to steal a moment here or there to read what happened next.

As the title suggests, this was all about side chicks and the karma and drama that follows them. That kind of trifling drama doesn’t usually appeal to me, especially if it or the characters come across as vapid. But the plot was trying to make a point about men who screw around, the women who they screw with, and finally the women who are the wives and girlfriends left dealing with it.

So it was a little bit disappointing to not see one of the women emerge with more strength and intelligence. Maybe Skye will in the next book but Nova stayed true to herself and only ended up covering for her husband’s indiscretion. Although, to be fair her character did go from morally sound to the worst, and that was interesting to see.

But by far Quan was the best character. He felt real and believable. He was cool, calm, and always seemed like he had his game on point. Reminded me of Mike Colter’s character in The Good Wife, or Omari Hardwick as Ghost in Power. He’s supposedly in the coffee business and I don’t know for sure that he isn’t but I’ll keep my eye out for where that goes in the next installment of Ashes To Ashes Dust To Side Chicks.

Skye was also fairly credible and I like that in characters because it lends credence to the story even if it gets a bit wild. The other characters were okay but I didn’t click with them in the same way as Quan and Skye. I hope the next book focuses on them more.

The twist at the end I didn’t see coming, which was unexpected as I usually see it a long way off. I totally thought it was going another way, but maybe I was just reading into Quan too much.

There were a few things I thought could have been better about Ashes To Ashes Dust To Side Chicks.

The descriptions of the sex were more graphic than I’d usually go for but what I didn’t like so much was that the scenes felt so similar, even from one couple to another. That similarity may be how it is in real life, truthfully speaking, but it left me feeling they weren’t so personal. And sex works best in writing when it moves the story on or deepens the understanding of the characters. Here it didn’t do that so much and felt like it was there just for the sake of being graphic.

The writing was okay. It would have been better if there weren’t a few typos and random changes in tense. This could have done with a decent proof. In one sex scene a line read “he put his head between his thighs”. No, there wasn’t a guy on guy scene and that’s why I did a double take, reading something so obviously incorrect – unless he really did give himself head. I also noticed a chapter heading was formatted incorrectly. Probably overlooked when formatted as an ebook. Overall, these things weren’t taking too much away from the reading experience. It was written in the first person, from multiple character points of view, and that worked okay.

There are more in the series and I may read another, although this probably wouldn’t be a book I’d recommend. There wasn’t enough of a punch to the plot.

 Ashes To Ashes Dust To Side Chicks felt like a 3 star novel. I wanted more.

Ashes To Ashes Dust To Side Chicks by N’Dia Rae is available on Amazon.

Side Chicks don’t know their place but one wife is here to remind them of where they belong.
Remember when side chicks were undercover and ashamed of the men they slept with? Those days are long gone. Side bitches are bold in their quest to steal husbands and boyfriends without any remorse. But their reign is about to end!

Nova is the loving wife of Tyriq. No matter how well he treats her, he can’t help his wandering eye. When his mistress threatens to unravel their perfect life. Nova takes matters into her own hand.

Aoki is the self professed queen of the side chicks. Without any guilt she uses married men for money, but it comes at a steep price. Eventually she learns that what she is doing is wrong but will it be too late?

Skye is the sister of Nova and the best friend of Aoki. She is trying to follow the example of her sister by being a doting wife. But Aoki’s influence is surely tempting. Follow the lives of these young women as they navigate through betrayal, sex, relationships and purely crazy drama!

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