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When I sat down with Rahiem Brooks’, A Butler Christmas, I was hoping the pages of his book would take me away on a brief holiday escape. I put the Christmas tree up, made a cup of hot cocoa and pulled on my fuzzy socks, ready to see where the words would carry me.

After a brief prologue, the story began with an attractive Naim Butler jogging along a city street in New York. Within the first few pages, he gallantly comes to the rescue of a damsel who has enough confidence to think that she doesn’t need saving. With that scene, the author had me hooked. I wanted to keep turning the pages and see where that relationship went.

Brooks kept me waiting though, as he dove into the main relationship of the book, that of Naim and the son he never knew, Marco. With the introduction of his son, Naim also is forced to confront his relationship with the boy’s mother.

A Butler Christmas isn’t just about the complicated relationships of a man who has built a successful life after spending time in federal prison. Somebody also has it out for Naim, and he has to figure out who that is as the threat comes very close to home, making him realize that there is much more at stake in his life as his family and personal ties grow.

For me – A Butler Christmas delivered. Mission accomplished. It took me away to the city and enjoying the view from Naim’s multi-million dollar home. I never found the story predictable, and had to keep turning the pages to see where we would go from that first jog along Central Park.  Brooks’ writing style is not over wordy and kept a good pace.

I give A Butler Christmas a very festive four stars. From the very beginning I was anxious to interview the author, Rahiem Brooks, and find out just how he was able to portray such an accurate reflection of our justice system. The book was a good mix of mystery and romance, which kept me intrigued throughout. My romantic side would have liked to have seen a little bit more of Naim and his new lady friend. But, overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

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