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Book Two: A Makaveli's Prince Novel  


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01/01/2017 3:21 am  

Okay, so Book Two is the book I'm currently working on and is a follow up to (you guessed it) Book One. Let me know what you think of the cover and the following blurb, which has taken me ages and just feels like an awful summary of my book (help!):

The newly sworn in President is assassinated. Some think it's a blessing and will end the years of police brutality and protests. But it's only the beginning of worse yet to come. The white supremacist organisation conspiring to cripple the heart of democracy is on the cusp of victory. Their vision of the future is not one that respects the rights of minorities. People are scared.

While the violent crackdown starts, there are whispers on the streets that Nia Rodriguez wasn't killed years before. The rumor is the rapper and daughter of Tupac Shakur escaped to safety in Cuba. People remember how she stood up to the government. Her name starts trending with the hashtag #Alive and graffiti plasters it across cities that have become virtual war zones.

Nia did escape. She survived the attempt on her life when she tried and failed to expose the conspiracy. For a time she turned her focus to becoming a mother and recovering from her near fatal wounds. But nothing could shield her from the torture of watching her country fall apart.

Determined to return the fight once more, she reaches out to those from the underground she's still in contact with. But doing so was a mistake. The authorities come for her. She's charged with treason and faces the death penalty for the murder of the President.

Can America survive the death of democracy? Will the people unite and fight back for what is right?

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