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What Makes An Article Written For Wikipedia Perfect?  


Jamie Cooper
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26/03/2019 3:51 pm  

Writing for Wikipedia is not a cakewalk as the rules of Wikipedia are difficult to be followed. There are too many rules and policies and many people find it difficult to keep a hold on all of them while writing articles for Wikipedia. This is why the editors reject many articles and many businesses choose Wikipedia experts for hire instead of trying the job themselves. However, writing for Wikipedia is not an impossible mission and it definitely can be achieved with hard work and patience.

Following the tips like following the rules for citations and references and providing plenty of authentic references, proofreading the articles, write to add value to the existing knowledge in the field, and avoiding any original or biased opinion can work wonders. If you have tried all of these and yet failed, check if there is any article on the topic that already exist. In that case, you would not be able to get yours published. You will have to edit the existing one.