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Fatima Munroe

Fatima Munroe is a Chicago native whose pen knows the untold stories from the streets of urban America. She has written more than a handful of books and also worked on co-authored titles.

Sam: Welcome Fatima Munroe, and thanks for sharing your time with us.

Fatima: It’s a pleasure.

Sam: Let’s start with how you get the ideas for your books.

Fatima: My inspiration comes from growing up in the inner city of Chicago. I also get ideas from what’s current in the news on any given day.

Sam: When did you first start writing?

Fatima: Honestly, I started writing at the age of seven. My teachers recognized my skill early, and I was always the unanimous choice when it came to picking a student to send to composition competitions at the city level. I saw it as a day out of school with no consequences. I read a lot, and by the age of nine I started writing short stories.

Sam: And you’re still enjoying it now?

Fatima: Totally, I love writing fiction books! My books are mainly urban fiction, but I’ve also penned an urban erotica, with one more in the works.

Sam: How does the challenge differ between the two genres?

Fatima: Urban fiction is pretty straightforward; you’re telling the tales of the streets. The stories may differ as far as the details, but the basic premise is the same unless you can figure out a way to tell something different – which I’ve done with a few of my books. Urban erotica is a little different in the respect that you want to be able to tell an urban story that’s more than just sex. You want your reader to feel the emotion that you’re portraying in words without describing the same scene over and over and calling it erotica.

I’ve written chapters from my phone while waiting to get my oil changed.

Sam: How many books have you written and which is your favorite?

Fatima: Currently I have ten books published and have co-authored three anthology series. My eleventh book came out in July, and I have a few projects that I’m working on with some great authors.

Sam: What’s the name of your eleventh book?

Fatima: Tell Me You Love Me. It started out as three erotic tales from three couples that I initially wanted to release for Valentine’s Day, but as I wrote the story I saw it morphing more into three stories about love and relationships. I put it to the side while I contributed to an anthology and wrote a standalone novel, then came back to finish it after I experienced a devastating loss in my own life.

Tell Me You Love MeSam: You mentioned working with other authors. What’s your experience of that process?

Fatima: My experience with other authors has always been positive. I’ve had the honor to work with some great women within my publishing company as well as independent authors. I have truly enjoyed the experience!

Sam: If you could spend a day with one of your characters, who would it be and why?

Fatima: Funny thing about this question: if I had to answer it a few months ago, it would’ve been Athena from my Chi Town’s Queen series. Most of my main characters are colorful and unforgettable in their own respects, but Mikki, who’s story was told in my latest book, is actually loosely based on myself.

Sam: Interesting, tell me a bit about Mikki and what she gets up to.

Fatima: Tell Me You Love Me, is of course three different perspectives on love and relationships. I wrote the third story during the time that I experienced a major loss in my own personal life, so my objective in writing Mikki and Savion’s story was to work through my own personal grief. There are parallels in her story that match my own life, and it’s still a bit difficult for me to read the last story in the book.

Sam: Tell me about your writing space, do you have a desk, or… what’s your setup?

Fatima: Have laptop will travel! As long as I have access to Microsoft Office One Drive, everything else will fall into place: I’ve written chapters from my phone while waiting to get my oil changed.

Sam: And what’s your process? How do you get into the flow of writing?

Fatima: I try to write when inspiration strikes. If I don’t have my notepad nearby – which is full of ink, scribbles and nonsense, I use the Notepad app on my phone. Once I get in my zone, watch out! That could easily turn into an all-nighter!

Sam: What do you think makes a good story and how do you know when you’ve got one?

Fatima: A good story is something different from the typical. We, as urban fiction writers, are always compared to one another by the readers, so my objective is to give the readers something different. Urban America is more than just kingpins and drug dealers, my stories tell the tales of strong women who do more than club and shop.

Sam: Any advice for aspiring authors?

Fatima: Throw away any preconceived notions that you might have about the industry, not every author’s reality will necessarily be yours. Develop a thick skin, because readers can be vicious in their reviews. Meditate, pray and meditate some more. Then turn on your laptop and create your best work.

Sam: I like that. Okay, thanks for your time. And will you be back in a few months to update us on what you’re working on?

Fatima: Happy to, and thanks for having me on.

Sam: You’re welcome.

Tell Me You Love Me and other titles from Fatima Munroe are all available on Amazon.

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