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Advice for Aspiring Authors - Pushing the Truth Within the Lie  


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14/10/2017 10:26 am  

As writers, we have the uncanny ability to fabricate awesome stories for our audiences. Most often, these stories are fantasy based, drama infused, and full of twists and turns. We want to mesmerize our readers and ensnare them with what they believe to be a fallacy, but we are actually tying a tourniquet around their minds and allowing them to mainline the truth one paragraph at a time. This creates a way for our messages as a writer to resonate with our readers on a level where they can be life applicable and encourage understanding. In that way, our words and influence are forever a part of them.

People write for various reasons. However, those who labor over a body of work and give birth to it; title it, perfect it and print it. We do so through tears, worry, and hope. All the while, praying that the world will embrace the creation that we've breathed our lives and beliefs into. We hope that our readers can sift through the creative work and see the naked truth, adhere to the message and somehow allow it to give them life. Writers worry that no one will value our tears. We fear that those who don't value the product of our pain may never understand what we have worked so hard to present to the world. So we continue pushing until someone can perceive our relevance.

We continue pushing our truth elegantly wrapped in a lie until someone discovers the intoxicating genius in our potion. Our pens never rest. They never rest because we have a sworn duty to those whom we have captivated. We must continue to provide a fix that gives our audience a greater euphoric journey than the last. We will and must continue until we provide an experience that takes our readers to the pinnacle of our creativity. The best advice for aspiring authors is to write without ceasing and to stand behind ever word until someone finally embraces your truth.