How do you pick an ...

How do you pick an author name?  


Sam Hunter
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24/02/2017 9:23 am  

In urban fiction most of us authors tend to use pen names. The genre has a tendancy for fancy, extravagant, and ghetto names. How did you pick yours and what is your advice to new authors trying to pick theirs?

I always wanted to use my actual first name. I like it and it is short, which I think is good for an author. I picked Hunter because it was also simple, straight forward, and fairly short. Masculine too.

One particular consideration I had was whether there were any other authors with the same name. There is one but not in fiction. I think it is art history or something, so there is little chance of confusion. And this other author isn't so prolific that I would be eclipsed in a Google search. I was unlucky, however, to have a TV character come along after I started writing.

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