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Ebook to AudioBook  


Y Stokes
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24/03/2017 6:30 pm  

I want to turn my ebook series Bloodline into an audiobook but I don't want to use Audible.  Instead I want to published the audiobook on YouTube as paid content.  Here's why.  

  • I can set my own price
  • I don't have to sign an additional contract
  • I already receive payment via Google, thus I don't have  to setup anything additional

Here's the problem - In order to setup paid content on YouTube you need 1000 subs.  I have two channels on YouTube and the channel that will host the audiobook is new.

Have any of you published an audiobook?  Do you use Audible ACX?  or some other platform?

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Sam Hunter
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26/03/2017 11:05 pm  

I'm considering using audible when I complete my series. Has access to listeners and voice actors/actresses.

The quality of both of those things gives reach for my work I don't see myself getting elsewhere.

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