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Defeating Writer's Block  


Y Stokes
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07/02/2017 2:56 pm  

Stencil Art

A picture says a thousand words

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Sam Hunter
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07/02/2017 6:57 pm  

I've moved this topic to 'Author Help' as it seemed more appropriate there than in the 'fun' forum. Although drawing on your walls could be fun.

When I have writer's block you're more likely to find me crawling the walls than drawing on them but I can totally see the point here - you have to allow creativity to keep going or to start somewhere until you find it back on the page. My favorite method to do this is to try to get deeper into my characters and to take on some aspect of them. I try to do what they would do, listen to the music they would listen to. Author's of serial killers should be careful with this technique!

Sometimes, I find writer's block is like an enforced procrastination that let's you get some perspective on what you are doing and then do it even better later. So no need to always fight it.

And hey, what a great topic we've not had before. Hopefully everyone can weigh in with their tips and tricks on breaking through, or accepting, writer's block.

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10/02/2017 3:26 pm  

This is weird, but when I experience writer's block, I look at it as a divine intervention...and what I mean by that is that it happens because my story is in some way lacking a message or an element that is necessary to bring my story when I experience a block...I do the opposite, I READ... and often times I find that missing piece, idea or concept in whatever I have picked to read for that day.


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04/04/2017 7:23 pm  

That strikes a chord with me, BlackPearl. When I've writer's block it's something I'm reading that's unrelated to what I'm writing that gets the creative engine humming again.

Other times the block is persistent. Maybe because there's a deep unresolved issue like characterization or plot elements that need to be worked on before I move on.