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Y Stokes
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07/02/2017 8:33 pm  

I struggle with word choice sometimes and sentence structure.  Here are two Free tools that help me.  Both are add-ons to Microsoft Word. Grammarly is a grammar checker that catches much more than the built-in spell checker Microsoft Word offers.  It’s worth your time to take a look at it.  The second tool is even more important to my writing process.  I added a text to speech function to Microsoft.  It allows me to write and have what I’ve written read back to me.  Professionals advise reading aloud, but I still miss mistakes.  However, with the text to speech feature added to the program, I catch more mistakes, and it allows me to expand on what I’ve written.   You can Google Grammarly to add it to your program and below is a video on how to add the text to speech function.


These tools are helpful but don't solve all your writing problems.  Sometimes you have plot holes and other issues in your text that you don’t notice.  I use beta readers.  When I first learned what a beta reader does I wondered how to get them.  I YouTube the subject and at the end of my research realized; THIS IS GOING TO COST ME MONEY.  So, I slept on the idea.  FYI – Before becoming an Author I built databases for a living.  So, I knew there had to be a cheaper solution.  And here it is;  Using Google forms, and your Gmail; you too can set up a platform to GET BETA READERS and DISTRIBUTE YOUR WORK.  Here’s an eBook I wrote taking you step by step through the process.

beta readers0001

Happy Writing 🙂

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Sam Hunter
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07/02/2017 10:37 pm  

I use the text to speech on yWriter and find it really helpful in the same way you describe but I've just added it to Word too. So easy. Thanks for suggesting that.

Good call on the beta reader system. In the spirit of collaboration, I'm in the process of starting a Beta/Advance/Review Copy reader program, which will give all site members access to a central list of readers. I'm currently just building the list and readers can subscribe in the sidebar (below this post if you're on a mobile device). I will be posting an article about it soon, as well as sharing how authors will be able to access the list.

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