Boss Status Loving A Street KingThe latest book from Fatima Munroe is Boss Status Loving A Street King. It is published on September 21 and will be available from Amazon.

Take a peek into the lives of four men who are saluted as bosses on every street corner, and the trials and tribulations brought about by the women they love… How do they handle it when the women that hold their hearts are keeping more secrets than most?

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There’s a sneak peak below for those who want to sample Boss Status Loving A Street King first.


Most of the residents of East Wilmington, Delaware will tell you to give up hope. The biggest struggle in their city is getting out, you gotta get in where you fit in. Troy, LaFlair, Corey and Poseidon all grew up as brothers in the streets with their own share of struggles in the Hilltop neighborhood. Instead of aspiring to be doctors, lawyers and politicians, they had dope boy dreams with schoolboy realities.

Troy’s stepfather Khor was the reigning King of Wilmington and it was well known throughout the city that he would pass down his grip on the streets to his son when he was ready to retire. In a crazy turn of events, he met the love of his life, Love. Love was a typical kingpin’s daughter: prep school scholar, captain of the pom team, and all around good girl. Meeting Troy for the first time was supposed to be casual, but his charm immediately intrigued her, she had to find out more. Venturing into unknown territory, she sought him out in his element and their mutual attraction was undeniable.

LaFlair was Wilmington’s prodigal son: born to two dope fiends, life in general wasn’t scheduled for him to succeed. When Troy’s new girlfriend Love introduced him to her best friend Becky, his fascination with the female form quickly turned from temporary playthings to something more.

Known as The Lieutenant on the streets, Corey was the master of logistics, keeping each man’s hands clean while they kept the streets dirty. Finding out that his long term girlfriend was the girl who was everybody’s friend, he decided to switch his focus elsewhere. A chance meeting with Antigone gave him a totally different outlook on life, and he wanted to do everything in his power just to see her smile.

Poseidon’s troubled home life was his cross to bear when it came to learning what a loving, healthy relationship looked like. After experiencing a devastating tragedy, he set his sights to purposely destroy Troy’s budding relationship with Love for no other reason than the green eyed monster: jealousy. His actions morphed into the beginning of the end for not just a twenty plus year friendship, but their bond as brothers.

Each man takes a shot at love while building their reputations in the town where gangsters are celebrated and positive role models are ignored more than the police. How do they handle it when the women that hold their hearts are keeping more secrets than most? Take a peek into the lives of four men who are saluted as bosses on every street corner, and the trials and tribulations brought about by the women they love.

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Sneak Peek

For some reason, this chick got under my skin. I couldn’t even go back to sleep because of her fucked up attitude, obviously she didn’t recognize a boss when one sat behind her stuck up ass. I couldn’t wait until the bell rung because I was going to tell her ass off. Soon as three o’clock hit, I tapped her on the shoulder ready to give her the business.

She turned around and I couldn’t say shit; she HAD to be the baddest female at our school, period! “Yes Corey?”

I took a quick inventory of the total package: skin the color of gingerbread, she had carob colored eyes with butterscotch highlights. Her nose was slightly pointed upwards at the tip, one of those noses that I wanted to trace the outline and ask what she was thinking as we basked in the afterglow of lovemaking. Lips were just right: not too big, not too small, but perfectly proportioned for her face that were turned downward as she inquisitively waited for me to answer her question. “Aye, I ain’t never seen you here before. You new?”

“Yea.” She stuck out her hand and I took it in mine, passing up on the chance to reach out and touch her ass. “Antigone.”

“One of my brothers has a name taken from Greek mythology too,” I replied smiling goofily in her face. “Whatever happened to names like Tasha, Pookie, Nae-Nae?”

“Maybe our parents cared about our future,” she snickered. “They knew we would have to get a job one day and a name like ’Pookie’, while poignant in it’s own special way, wouldn’t get us that VP spot at DuPont.”

“I was just messing with you girl,” I chuckled trying not to stare at her mesmerizing half smile. Grabbing her book bag from her hand, I gestured for her to walk in front of me as we strolled out of the classroom. “You from Wilmington?”

“We moved here from Buffalo last week,” she shared while we leisurely strolled to her locker. “I didn’t want to, but we didn’t exactly have a choice.”
I wanted to know her story, but not like this: at the school with ears all around. “Would it be cool for us to pick up this conversation later? I don’t want the whole school knowing your business like that.”

“Sure.” We stopped in front of her locker and she scribbled her number on the inside of my calculus notebook, giving me a warm smile when she was done drawing a heart over the I in her name.

“What time you gonna call?”

“What time you want me to call?”

“Any time before 8 should be good.”

My pager started vibrating on my hip, bringing me back from the look in her eyes. “Since you not from here, you need me to walk you home, or is it too early for that?” I asked, ignoring Troy for the time being. He would understand, hell if the shoe was on the other foot and Love hit him up, we wouldn’t see him until the next day.

I took note of the hesitation on her face, and I knew that I need to wrap up all of my business before our talk later on. Antigone needed all of my attention in that conversation. “I really appreciate you asking me, but yea, it’s too early for that.”

“That’s cool, I understand. But you won’t be able to put me off for the rest of the school year, believe that.” I unconsciously stuck my hands in my front pockets as my beeper vibrated for a second time. While she was loading her books in the locker, I checked the message real quick and saw it was actually Khor messaging me, not Troy. Turning back to me, I watched her mouth curve into a half-smile as she slammed her locker shut.

“Must be your girl huh. If you gotta go, it’s cool. I ain’t tripping,” she smirked.

“Ah, you got jokes huh,” I grinned as I took her hand in mine and walked towards the doors leading outside. “I don’t have those problems. At least not yet. You wouldn’t trip if my pager went off while we were together, would you?”

“Hmph, what makes you think I like you like that? How you know I ain’t got a man?” she stopped walking to run her hand through her hair and flip her bob, planting her hands firmly on her hips just so she could give me a look mixed with adoration and amusement.

“You don’t.” I confidently pointed out. “If you did, you wouldn’t have given me your number.”

Her response to my boldness was priceless, I could tell she wasn’t used to a player like myself. “I do have someone. He’ll be here next week.” She rolled her eyes and sucked her teeth before turning to switch that beautiful, perky ass of hers down the hallway while I watched her walk away.

“Not for long,” I mumbled as I watched her walk out the front door of the school. Shaking my head to get the smell of strawberries out of my nose, I headed to the main office and told the secretary that I had to make an emergency call before leaving the school. She passed me the phone and even gave me some privacy as I called Khor to find out what was up. He didn’t trip over me and Poseidon not putting in as much work as Troy and LaFlair because he knew our situation, but I was still expected to hit those blocks for a couple of hours anyway.

I finished up my conversation with him and headed out. Jogging down the steps to the school, I looked around to see who was still on school grounds and what was going on. Imagine my surprise when I saw Antigone hanging with a group of chicks that the whole school knew lived at the homeless shelter. As I watched, a van pulled up and they all climbed in. I wasn’t tripping over the fact that my soon to be girl lived in a homeless shelter, hell sometimes shit just happened that way. What broke my heart was the look on her face when she turned to look out the window and saw me staring at her. I knew right then and there that I had some work to do.

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