Angela SwaggAngela Swagg lives in Grandview, Missouri. She’s a hard working mother and wife, yet still finds time to put pen to paper. I was lucky enough to get to know Angela Swagg through Twitter after we both committed to writing at least 30 minutes everyday. I’m not entirely sure I held up my end of the bargain – sorry! Angela obviously took pity on me and let me read the beginnings of the novel she’s currently working on. That can be a big step for any author to take but as a writer yet to be published she was putting a lot of trust in me. Thank you Angela Swagg!

Anyway, her writing really fired me up, her enthusiasm and passion was contagious. I was so intrigued about her and her writing that I asked her if I could do a Q&A with her. Here’s what we got to talking about.


Angela Swagg Interview:

Sam Hunter: So, what’s your number one motivation to write? Is it simply to be published, or to make it big and have a name that everyone knows?

Angela Swagg: Actually, my number one motivation to write comes from wanting to share my inside thoughts with other people. I want those who read my writing to relate to it and maybe even have it help someone in the process – as well as helping myself.

Sam: Okay, I’m feeling that. And what are you most enjoying about writing at the moment? Also, what do you find tough?

Angela : I can’t lie. The tough part about writing right now is making sure that the way I see it in my head is coming out on the pages and flowing smoothly. The enjoyment I have about writing though, is playing the scenes in my head first before I start writing and getting a grasp on where things are headed. It’s almost like a light bulb goes off when I watch the scenes in my head.

Sam: How would you describe your current project and how did you settle on this as your first one?

Angela: It’s about a woman who’s having some trust and infidelity issues in her marriage. A lot of what she’s experiencing is paranoia, simply because she hasn’t found physical proof of her husband cheating, but as she continues to confront these demons with her husband, and begins to realize her own desires and what she has been missing from her marriage, more secrets and revelations come out. She finds herself in a predicament she hadn’t ever imagined she’d be in. She has to find a way out before it’s too late to get things back on track.

I chose this topic as my first one because I found it therapeutic due to things I’ve gone through. And I also believe once people read it, they will find it to be the same for them.

Sam: What do you focus on to ensure a connection for readers, given that you’re including your own experiences?

Angela SwaggAngela: This is a good question. One thing I know people do connect to is the dialogue. When the characters interact with each other, they need to be believable. They need to say or do things that will make the person reading go “yeah that makes sense” or “wow, no he didn’t”. I think also, that throwing in something completely unexpected is a great way to make the experiences compelling. The reader may think they know what’s about to happen, but then out of nowhere, they get hit with something else. It then makes them want to keep reading to see where this new twist will go.

Sam: Which authors do you read and what is it about their writing that you like?

Angela: Zane will always be my number one author that I love to read from. She knows how to grab your attention quickly and never lose it. I aspire to be as great a success as her. Probably not in the erotica genre, but still. She’s great. Another author I recently read a book by was Julee Jonez. She is actually a local radio personality here in my city and she just released her first book in July. Her writing had me screaming at the book kind of like how I do when I’m watching a really good movie. I love the writing style of both these authors because you can place yourself in the scene when you’re reading it. It all flows smoothly and it makes sense. That’s what I’m hoping my writing will accomplish.

Sam: How do you fit writing in around the rest of your life?

Angela: I started scheduling it in because I found my self slacking a bit lately. Usually after work, after dinner has been served and the kids are in their room. But then there are days where the spirit of writing just hits me and I will write on my lunch break. These past few weeks I’ve been like the energizer bunny because I have so many ideas in my head for my current book. So then I’m not even scheduling it right now because I’m just so eager to write. I can’t go to bed unless I write something. Even if it’s just one paragraph. I don’t do the word count thing. I went to an author’s presentation and one thing they told us was just write. Every single day. They used the term “word vomiting”. That’s what I do. Word vomit.

Sam: Does anything frighten you about becoming an author?

Angela: I’m a little frightened. I love to write and I love to put my thoughts on paper. But when you take it to next level and decide to share your talent with the public, a bit of stage fright can surface. I’m the kind of person that usually doesn’t desire to be in the spotlight. I certainly want people to read my work and love it, so the fear of people of possibly not liking it is there as well. I’m encouraged by the fact that there are people who have read my work and have been genuinely entertained by it so that helps me to overcome my fears and keep pushing towards my goals.

Sam: Who do you picture your readers to be?

Angela: I see my readers as people who love to read about things they can relate to. People who love a little bit of humor, drama, surprises, and at the same time learn something about themselves as they read the book.

Sam: Do you see your current work in progress as a stand alone novel or part or a series? And as a reader, what are your views on series vs. stand alone novels?

Angela: Honestly, I’m still up in the air on that.  As a reader, I like the idea of both but with stand alone projects, each book you write can be completely different but within the same genre or even in a different genre. I already have many ideas of other books I want to write. So for this one, if I was to do anything beyond one book, it would just be two part series. There have been series that I’ve read that I absolutely loved and then there are some I wasn’t too thrilled about. So it definitely depends on the book if a series for it is needed. It’s kind of the same with movies. We all know there are many movies that did not need one sequel, let alone four more and then there those that you wish there could be another.


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